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Barrm Birrm

Since 2005, Riddells Creek Landcare has been looking after the bushland called Barrm Birrm, place of many yam roots, at the top of Gap Road. We love this place. It is a place to sense the more-than-human world, to calm down and be invigourated.


Our group has cleaned up the rubbish, pulled out the weeds, recorded the plants and urged the Shire to do more to protect this rare piece of bush. Now Macedon Ranges Shire has committed to buy back Barrm Birrm.

In this website, Plants and Animals and Places to Walk are good starting points to learn more about the land itself.  Right here is where we update you on what we are doing to protect Barrm Birrm.

But we want to know about you. What do you know about Barrm Birrm? What are you looking for in a bushland place close to town? Or if you’re already a Barrm Birrm regular, what does Barrm Birrm do for you? If you haven’t already take a moment to complete our survey -  we hope you can visit Barrm Birrm soon!

An Ecological Assessment of Barrm Birrm

The Shire's Ecological Assessment of Barrm Birrm has been completed, and in short order will appear on the Shire website. It vindicates our vision and our persistence in Riddells Creek Landcare in looking after this important bit of bush.

Walking around Barrm Birrm

Barrm Birrm is a lovely bit of bush, but there's a lot of bush around in the Macedon Ranges - what's so special about this particular bit?

1: If you live in Riddell, or nearby, like Gisborne or Sunbury, both 15 minutes drive away, it's easy to get to.
2: You walk in and you walk right out of your normal life.

Share the love

The Shire is on board, and Big Thanks to those of you who have written to the Shire to congratulate them. It's a bold move. Early responses from Mary-Anne Thomas, Member for Macedon, are not enthusiastic, but we're playing a long game. If residents of Riddell and surrounding towns come to know and love Barrm Birrm, that will slowly shift political opinion.

The long game is to share the love, and the best way to do that is to come for a walk.

A big change in thinking

On 24 August, Council of Macedon Ranges passed a motion to protect Barrm Birrm, specifically .... that Council:

1. Recognises the unique and special environmental and community values of Barrm Birrm;

2. Advocates to the Victorian Government for the public purchase of the privately owned lots within the area known as Barrm Birrm for community benefit;

3. Writes to the Honourable Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Environment and Climate Action and the Local Member for Macedon the Honourable Mary-Anne Thomas MP, Minister for Health to advise of this motion and Council’s advocacy for Barrm Birrm; and

4. Request staff to prepare a report outlining actions that can be undertaken to ensure the appropriate management of Barrm Birrm.

Our next walks

Barrm Birrm needs care and attention, and our next set of walks are action projects. You are just the person Barrm Birrm is looking for to help understand and protect it.

These walks will suit people who know Barrm Birrm a bit and want to go further. Each will get you working alongside others who share your interests.

Springtime Walks draw enthusiastic participants

We've had three, and a lot of people have come along. the orchid walk saw 35 people curling in a long line along the tracks, then spreading out to pick their way through the grasses, eyes on the ground looking for orchids, taking care where they placed each footstep because suddenly, there was a lot of individual plants there.

Camping in Barrm Birrm

Most of Barrm Birrm is owned by individuals. What owners can do with their property has always been restricted to camping - no permanent structures have been allowed.

Camping seems like a good thing to do in this bushland, and a harmless activity, until you see the impact it can have.

Buy back Barrm Birrm in the news!

The campaign to Buy Back Barrm Birrm is underway! We got a good piece in the Midland Express, on the back of Councillor Annette Death's motion for MRSC to support acquisition. Thanks Annette.

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