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Our next walks

Barrm Birrm needs care and attention, and our next set of walks are action projects. You are just the person Barrm Birrm is looking for to help understand and protect it.

These walks will suit people who know Barrm Birrm a bit and want to go further. Each will get you working alongside others who share your interests.

Our next walks

Join a small group of people in a monthly walk with orchid specialist Andrew Dilley, to find what flowers where. There are 28 orchids on the record for Barrm Birrm, but where are they? Are they there this year?

1. The Orchid Team. A monthly walk to document the orchids of Barrm Birrm through the year.

2. Weed Walking. A monthly walk to get to know the weeds of Barrm Birrm and how to get them out.

3. Story Walking. Why is Barrm Birrm important to you? Shoot your footage in Barrm Birrm then sit down in a small group and edit down to a 1-2 minute video. We'll use our phones and laptops, and the simplest video editing software.

Limited numbers for each of these, talk to Ross Colliver 0411 226 519 if you want to join in. Dates from now to December are getting worked out. Download the attachment below for more.

Our next walks

Weed Walking will use the small tracks of Barrm Birrm, like this kangaroo track, to get deep into the terrain.

Our next walks

If Barrm Birrm has become part of your life, tell people about it. This is a peer-to-peer exercise, where we cobble together what we each know about shooting and editing to produce a concise message. We have a micro- budget to have an editor on hand to give us advice and feedback as we go.

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