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Healthy Landscapes events organised by the Shire

Ag forum for farmers
Land management information session for new, absentee and small-acreage landholders
Cultural land management session for farmers – Leonard Hill (Daylesford)
Introduction to Natural Sequence Farming Farm Field Day and Discussion Group in Kyneton
Bendigo Farmers Market pop-up stall opportunity
A reinvigorated group Are you keen to understand more about soil carbon?
Farm dam management
Farmers for Climate Action workshop – Bendigo
Sally’s Top Paddock

Many events

Sept to October

Wildflowers and Weeds

Wildflowers and Weeds

Every month we head into Barrm Birrm to see what's in flower, and to do a little weeding in a place that just needs a bit of love to stay in good shape. Join us!

Meet at

Next visit to Barrm Birrm

Sunday 24th September, 2023

Meet at

9.30 am for two hours

Assemble at

288 Gap Road, look for the Riddells Creek Winery sign

Orchid Survey

Orchid Survey

It's springtime, and the orchids of Barrm Birrm are moving into their most active time. Out last week is this pretty Musky Caladenia, at least that's a first guess, and Andrew Dilley, our guide in all things orchids, will check it out. Join us to find what's coming out, and learn to see the leaves that appear before the flower.

Time to meet

Next Sunday

3rd September

Time to meet

10-12 am

Meet at

288 Gap Road, Riddells Creek


Clean Up Australia Day is when Riddells Creek Landcare volunteers clean up what the thoughtless drop, and what the bloody-minded drive deep into the bush to get rid of out of sight. It's ugly work, but someone has to do it, and we do it in a beautiful place, in good company.

Come along!

Start at


12th March

Start at

10, till 12.

Meet at

Junction of Royal Parade and Gap Road

Queries to

Ross Colliver, 0411 226 519

December Events curated by the Shire

Hit the link below to see details of fabulous events across Macedon Ranges, including Clover Glycine survey (a rare and pretty pea in Bald Hill reserve), a Bird Blitz update, and event to Build Canopy Rope Bridge for possums in Hanging Rock, an up-date on soft plastic recycling, a news item about walks with primary school kids in Daly Nature Reserve, Gisborne, and a Small Property Grazing Course.


Through December

For more information

Integrated weed management on rural properties webinar

Getting to know your weeds and then understanding that there are a range of control techniques and strategic practices. Learn that the target of any weed management is about by using the suitable control at the correct time with the appropriate follow up limiting spread and importantly limit re-infestation.

With Jason McAinch (03) 5422 0333

Webinar details will be emailed out 48 and 1 hour before the event to all registered participants.



Tuesday 15 November





Get details here

Nassella Identification and Control Workshop

Join Macedon Ranges Shire's Roadside Conservation Officer, Josh Gomez to learn how to identify and control Mexican Feather Grass.



Saturday 26 November


10.00 am - 12.00pm


Gisborne Community Hall, 8 Hamilton Street, Gisborne, 3437

Book in below

FrogID Week

FrogID Week is an annual snapshot of frog species across Australia, and this year FrogID week will run from 11-20 November. Each year, thousands of people take part by recording frog calls with the free FrogID app and help measure the health and distribution of frogs across Australia.

From croaks and barks, to whistles and bleats, every frog species makes a unique sound. Using the free FrogID app, you can record the frogs calling around you and help us count Australia’s frogs.

In 2021, over 37,000 frog calls were recorded, and with your help in 2022, a better picture can be created of Australia’s unique amphibians.


11 Nov to 20 November


Your backyard and your creek

Find out more

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