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Conglomerate Gully

A short drive out of Riddells Creek, this circuit walk gives you a complete break from the rest of the world

Conglomerate Gully

The pools in Conglomerate Gully

This is a ParksVic reserve, gifted to the State by an adjacent landholder. It is on the western side of the ridge that runs down to Riddell, and has similar vegetation with slight changes that fit the drier slopes there.

It has a very pretty circuit walk of no more than an hour, even if lingering, and there's access for humans and dogs, with a gate to keep out trail bikes. Drive out of town on Wheelwrights Road, and park by the sign, in the small car bay area, taking care not to block driveways. A short walk along the boundary fence, and you're in.

There's an information board with the geological history of the area, and the first leg of the walk takes you up through the gully of fused river stone. There's usually water in the gully, moving slowly, and a set of beautiful pools. There's an air of magic about the place.

If you continued on up the gully and over the ridge, you'd be in Barrm Birrm, but the circuit walk turns along the slope and takes you back across the folds of the hillside to your starting point.

Conglomerate Gully

Sap from a Stringbark

Conglomerate Gully

A time for being young again

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