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Getting up close

A lot of the native plant action in Barrm Birrm is down at ground level, in amongst the grasses. To see it, you have to get down close, and there's no better way to get close to ground level than hunting for gorse regrowth!

Getting up close

Gorse regrowth pushing up through wallaby grass. A perfect situation for hand pulling, first working down to the point where the plant runs into the soil, then gently but firmly teasing it free, leaving the grass undisturbed.

I was out early on a sunny Sunday morning near Prince of Wales Terrace, on the north end of Barrm Birrm, getting photos of a forced exit of a 4WD past the Council gate there. Some mug had bashed through the bush to get out to Gap Road, and that can quickly turn into a new track and less grassland, so I wanted to let the Shire know.

While I was there, I checked the gorse regrowth in the area we weeded last year.

There's nothing like gorse to force you to pay very close attention at ground level. To the untutored eye, gorse looks a little like about four other plants that grow in the same location.

I worked my way around the patch of sprayed out gorse on Lot 130, and yes, there was gorse coming up. Not so much, but one is enough. left alone, to start off the gorse invasion once again, so I set to work.

I hadn't brought my mattock, but with all the rain we've had at the start of October, the soil had a lot of give in it. By getting my fingers down around each small plant, and pulling gently, I found could prise them loose.

Up close, I could see a lot of other plants making the most of the conditions.

I'm a fan of Prickly Moses, and here they were, beautiful babies, at 5 cms high already showing the spreading form they will take to maturity at two meters.

But what really stopped me in my tracks was a small patch of moss. What a creation! I don't know what is going on there, but it is a wondrous thing!

Getting up close

An infant Prickly Moses, with its bright green new growth.

Getting up close

A ball of moss, with slender spires of sage green. I have no idea what these are, but they are beautiful!

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