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The macro-invertebrates of Riddells and Sandy Creeks

A number of Riddells Creek Landcare families joined Sam Harrison from Melbourne Water's WaterWatch program to explore Riddells and Sandy Creeks.

We spent the day looking at and identifying the fascinating array of macro-invertebrates that live in our local creeks.

The macro-invertebrate life indicates what condition our creeks are in and we were very happy to discover that our creeks are in very good condition!




Here's what we found.........
 Common name
 Riddells Creek
 Sandy Creek
 Stonefly Nymph
 Mayfly nymph
 Caddisfly Nymph
 Damsefly Nymph
 100 9
 Dragonfly Nymph
 3 2
 Freshwater Shrimp/Prawn        
 Beetle Larvae
 True Bugs (backswimmers, water boatman, water strider)6
 Side Swimmer/Scud
 Aquatic Beetles (diving beetle, whirligig beetles)
 4 3
 Freshwater Snails        
 150 4
 Flatworm 4 1
 Mosquito Larvae
 0 1
 Fly Larvae
 1 20
 Segmented Worm    
 Non Biting Midge (bloodworms)
 3 50

Click on this link for a great online resource to find out more about macro-invertebrates.