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Micro-Landcare aims to assist groups of neighbouring properties to establish a regular (annual) routine of caring for their surrounding landscape by pooling their energy and enthusiasm.

Do you have a big weed problem outside your property? (Gorse, Broom, Hawthorn, Blackberry, Watsonia, Thistle…) and are your neighbours unhappy about weeds in front of their property?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to these questions, the solution is.....Micro-Landcare: “Helping you help each other”

How does Micro-Landcare work?

As long as at least two property owners can agree they want to tackle a weed problem in their area, Riddells Creek Landcare members will assist you with the problem by:

  • Providing additional people power on the day
  • Assisting with tools & equipment
  • Preparing a Weed Plan (covering: “what to remove and how”)
  • Getting necessary authority for the work
  • Alerting neighbours about what’s planned and when

And its Free! (A $30 deposit for the Weed Plan is fully refunded after the working bee.)

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