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Macedon Range Flora Book

Macedon Range Flora

1. A photographic guide to
the flora of Barrm Birrm,
Riddells Creek

by Russell Best & David Francis

Barrm Birrm is the name given to the slopes of the Macedon Range that provide the backdrop to the township of Riddells Creek, 50km NW of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The book details all of the 208 native plant species known to exist on the bushland of Barrm Birrm. This amounts to about 40% of the flora found in the Macedon Range and
1/25th of flora of Victoria.

It is the most comprehensive book of the Macedon Range flora currently available.

$15 (plus p & p; eg. $4.35 per book for 1-2 books - see order form attached bottom of this page)

Please forward a completed order form (link to order form pdf is at the bottom of this page) together with cheque or money order to:
Riddells Creek Landcare,
PO Box 292,
Riddells Creek. VIC 3431.

For EFT payments:
Message/Reference: [Your Name]
Name of Bank: Bendigo Bank
Name of Account: Riddells Creek Landcare Group
BSB number: 633‐000 Account number: 136551140
Enquiries for bulk orders (more than two books), country, interstate & wholesale email:
or phone Jacquey on (03) 5428 6605.

NB. Discount applies for Landcare groups, 'Friends of' groups and APS group bulk orders.

  • 208 plant species covered (including 27 orchids, 14 lilies, 14 wattles, and much more).
  • 56 pages packed with information.
  • A4 size (with spine).
  • A 'Quick Plant Identification Guide' .
  • 493 photos (485 by Riddells Creek Landcare members; 487 photos taken on Barrm Birrm).
  • Foreword by Neville Walsh (co-author of Flora of Victoria and Senior Conservation Botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens).
  • Maps detailing the location of Barrm Birrm and the extensive walking trails.
  • Many plants not previously known to exist in the Macedon Range.
  • One brand new plant, discovered on Barrm Birrm as part of this project - described for the first time in this book (Hairy-leaved Trigger-plant).
  • Labels on photos to highlight key features of the plant or to help explain complex terms.
  • A novel and comprehensive section on Eucalypts to help ID these difficult plants.
  • All variations of each plant species are presented (eg. male, female & bisexual flowers of Early Nancy; blue & white Wahlenbergia stricta and the 4, 5, 6 and 7 petalled forms).

All proceeds go to Riddells Creek Landcare

Plants found on Barrm Birrm since publication (since May 2009):

Brachyscome diversifolia (Asteraceae; p.30)
Corunastylis despectans
(Orchidaceae; p.6)
Drosera peltata
subsp. peltata (Droseraceae; p.42)
Einadia nutans
(Chenopodiaceae; new)
sp. aff. potentilloides (Geraniaceae; p.46)
Juncus pallidus
(Juncaceae; p.12)
Juncus subsecundus (p.12)
Juncus subsecundus x sarophorus (p.12)
Podolepis jaceoides
(Asteraceae; p.31)
sp. (Orchidaceae; p.1)

Name changes (since the 2007 census):
Helichrysum scorpioides = Coronidium scorpioides (p.32)

Photo updates (up to May 2009):
Acaena novae-zelandiae - in flower (p.44)
Acaena ovina - in flower (p.44)
Caladenia praecox - pinkish flower (p.2)
Crassula decumbens - in flower (p.46)
Drosera macrantha - in flower (p.42)

In the simple key on p.51, white/cream flowers with five petals should also refer to page 40.

The book was funded by a Port Philip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority Community Grant, the Australian Plant Society (Victoria), Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Riddells Creek Landcare.

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