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Rare White-spot Skipper Flies Again

posted 21 Mar 2011, 03:16 by Russell Best   [ updated 21 Mar 2011, 03:51 ]
After much searching, the Rare White-spot Skipper reappeared on our rail reserves earlier this month. Also known as the Yellow Ochre (Trapezites lutea lutea), it is an endangered species with only a few known populations remaining in Victoria. As such it is protected in Victoria by the Flora & Fauna Guarantee Act. It has two flying periods each season, with the first flying finished by mid-December.

This population was discovered on December 16, 2010 and only one photograph was taken showing only limited detail. The photo here details a key feature, that rare white spot.
It is also notable for its yellow 'flash' of the wing in some individuals when it is flying. The 'lutea' in this butterfly's scientific name means yellow.