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New Flat-pea observed in the Macedon Ranges

posted 2 Jun 2011, 23:26 by David Francis   [ updated 3 Jun 2011, 00:04 ]
Until recently, the only Flat-pea seen in the Macedon Ranges was the  Handsome Flat-pea, Platylobium formosum.
Surprisingly, the closely related Common Flat-pea, Platylobium obtusangulum, had never been recorded for the Macedon Ranges.
Last week, members of Riddells Creek Landcare discovered the Common Flat-pea growing in two locations at Mt Charlie. The plants were not in flower at this time of the year, but the distinctive three-pointed leaves are easy to recognise. The common (for the Macedon Ranges) Handsome Flat-pea differs by having heart-shaped leaves with a single pointed tip.
So we can say that the Common Flat-pea is now found in the Macedon Ranges - where it is uncommon!

The newly discovered Common Flat-pea,
Platylobium obtusangulum
photographed at Mt Charlie.
The Common Flat-pea, Platylobium obtusangulum photographed in the Brisbane Ranges by Chris Clarke.
 The Handsome Flat-pea, Platylobium formosum, common in the Macedon Ranges.