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Impressive Displays of Victoria's Floral Emblem

posted 28 Jun 2011, 00:52 by Russell Best   [ updated 28 Jun 2011, 01:27 ]
It has been over a decade since we have seen such impressive pink and white floral displays from Victoria's Floral Emblem, known as the Common Heath (Epacris impressa). In some areas of the bush around Riddells Creek, fields of seemingly endless pink and white Epacris can be seen.

The plant itself is very unusual because the two colour forms freely occur and grow together. In fact plants occur as either white or light to dark pink (and occasionally almost red).

It is no wonder that this plant was made the Victorian Floral Emblem if displays occurred every year like this in the past.

The name Epacris impressa is not derived from its impressive displays but from four imprints or 'impressions' that encircle the base of the flower.

The bush is coming to life this year so we are all hopeful for the best Spring wildflower season in recent memory. Fingers crossed!

Photo taken near Conglomerate Gully, Riddells Creek.